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All About Future Essentials Inc.

Sho-tai Practitioner - Kinesiologist - Iridologist

Future Essentials Inc. is a all natural product store and wellness clinic located in Wetaskiwin and Grande Prairie, Alberta that puts an emphasis on clients achieving optimal health through alternative means.

Byron Deardoff founded Future Essentials Inc. in 1993 servicing thousands of customers. Byron's practice at Future Essentials includes Sho-Tai (Kinesiology), Iridology-Sclerology and muscle energy therapy techniques, plus a line of essential oils as well as vitamins, minerals and herbs. 

Iridology and Sclerology study different features of the eye, including color, pigmentation, and fibre structures with the iris and markings within the whites of the eye. These features reveal strengths and deficiencies of corresponding organs and body systems.

In his practice, Byron has found that most ailments are caused by chemical toxicity, parasites, harmful viruses or bacteria, or environmental pollutants that attack our bodies and make them sick. Over the last 22 years he has focused on colon cleansing and on healing oxidative cellular stress. Oxidative stress to our cells causes inflammation, which in turn causes ALL disease. Byron believes that if we can cleanse our bodies of pollutants and harmful organisms and eliminate inflammation, our bodies will heal themselves naturally.

"If you start this now and stay focused, even if your 70 percent focused, you'll be a different person and your health will be totally different." Byron says. "We need to take care of our health; it doesn't matter how young we are."​

Call today to start your healing journey now!

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